My March picks as outfits!

I am loving this series…my wallet, not so much. I have now purchased four out of four picks. (wasn’t this supposed to be a pretend budget/game?!)

So I thought that since I bought all the items, I might as well throw some looks together!! (I haven’t taken any pictures of me in anything yet because…

1- I haven’t been ANYWHERE and

2- I can’t figure out how to take great pictures of myself…my daughter is ok at it, but cuts off body parts, I don’t have a nice full length mirror, my self timer poses are AWFUL and I have no one to take pictures for me…any suggestions?!)

yellow tee
rose earrings


yellow tee


lace tee


white tank


lace tee


rose earrings


6 responses to “My March picks as outfits!”

  1. I love those picks = we are going to Vegas for ACM next week and a few of those would be great for the casual Fremont street nights

    1. You lucky girl!!! Have fun and buy something fabulous!!

  2. These outfits are great, I’m also like you in the lacking a photographer position too… I would love to do more outfit posts than I do but I can never snag someone to photograph me at the right moments…

  3. OMG I love them ALL!!! I only wish I looked good in yellow 😦 but I will sub it out for orange and then I’m going to copy (steal) each and every one of those outfits!

    Re: lack of a photog…I use a remote control (cost me about $20 at London Drugs) and a tripod. Now go take some pics and let’s see you girl!

    1. That remote is on my list! I need to GO places too…that would help! And can’t wait to see you in the looks!!

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