Reader request…Allison and Kayleigh


Hope your day is going great! I have had a fun week here on my blog, LOVING the posts from the girlies and their March picks!! Hope you’ve been enjoying them too! I am planning on making this a monthly thing, we will just be switching around blogs for each season!! I am going to be posting Danielle’s picks (of The Pinup Chronicles) on Thursday! And today over on Brandy’s blog (Camo & Cashmere) she has a few looks posted using her picks!!

Today I am FINALLY getting around to a few reader requests that have been in my inbox…sooo sorry that it has taken me this long, and I hope the events haven’t come and gone!!

Allison wrote me…

“I live in Texas and dress pretty casual on a daily basis….boots and jeans mostly.
Well, in March I will be going to a wedding (and rehearsal dinner) that is formal.  I don’t mind getting all dressed up, but I really don’t want to spend a lot on something that will not get worn much.  Any ideas or something to go off of?”

Here are a few ideas Allison!!!

under 100
under 100

The second request is from Kayleigh, she is heading out to a TOM PETTY concert!!! She’s looking for “something fun and rocker-ish, with a splash of spice without being typical or trashy”…

I went a couple directions for Kayleigh…



rockabilly western
rockabilly western

Untitled #203
a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll
rock n roll cowgirl
a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll
little bit country

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  1. […] put together a few looks to give you an idea… And I did a request similar to this a little while back…so here are few more ideas!!! Have fun Naomi and I hope you send me some pics of what you put together!!! Love it?! Share it! Pin […]

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