Winners for Farmboy~Farmgirl Giveaway!!!

 Horse Jr. Blue Premium Tee (Made in USA)

Thanks all so much for all the entries and love!! This is a popular tee!! Thanks again, so much, to Farm Boy & Farm Girl Brand for this giveaway!! You guys have FABULOUS stuff!!!

We have three lucky winners…

# 22~ Deb Trotter “YeeHaw and Horsey Goodness! You bet yer cowgirl boots I followed ‘em.”

# 79~Emily b “I have wanted this shirt since you posted! Like on fb”

and # 62~Carie “Liked on facebook!”

(all picked via

Congratulations ladies and I’ll be emailing you!!

2 responses to “Winners for Farmboy~Farmgirl Giveaway!!!”

  1. So excited I can hardly wait

  2. OMG! I cannot believe I was one of the lucky winners of that fabulous horse t-shirt!
    I am SO gonna be stylin’ come late Spring. Yee Haw! Thanks a bunch, cowgirl.

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