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Need an excuse to go shopping?!

Wanting to find some great additions for your spring wardrobe?! Well, here is your excuse/reason!! For fun, I’ve gotten together some of my favorite western fashion bloggers and created a little something! Meet Danielle of Pinup Chronicles, Suzie of UrbanCountryStyle and Brandy of Camo & Cashmere!! Together, the four of us are going to bring to you our picks for each fashion season, each armed with the same budget ($300.00), month by month we will show you what we have picked as our “must have items” for the season!! Exciting or what?! 🙂 We’ll also let you in on why we picked what we did and from where! I can’t wait to get started!!!

But first, we need to meet our panel!!

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Danielle Hayes  is the co-founder and editor at Real Time Style and the energetic voice behind the fashion/lifestyle blog Pinup Chronicles; where she explores trends in fashion, fitness and aims to help women step outside their style comfort zones . As a self-professed personal style addict, Danielle has a keen eye for spotting trends and expressing them in unexpected ways. Danielle began blogging over 7 years ago with a small blogspot site that focused on her unique vision of western fashion; inspired by her life as the wife of a cutting horse trainer. Danielle’s ability to bring niche sections of fashion and lifestyle into the mainstream has been the platform of all her endeavours. Her ability to engage her audience and assist brands in reaching their target market with a lifestyle driven focus is Danielle’s true passion.

You can see more of Danielle’s work at Fashion As Identity, where she is a co-editor. Danielle’s writing can also be seen in trend reports from Design Options.

Suzie Salmon of UrbanCountryStyle ~ “I am just a city girl, who started as a small town girl,  who is now living a country life…in the city. I may not ride a horse, but my “urban saddle” is my Tahoe and I have more cowboy boots than most rodeo queens! I crave the coziness of the country, so my home and personal style have evolved to match that desire. I want to show you all how country and city can meet, and that even with the hustle and bustle all around you, you can create a look and a sanctuary that calms and feeds even the busiest of souls. Every day can be your own personal trip to the country!”

Brandy of Cashmere & Camo ~ “How would I define myself? In a nutshell, a conundrum, I have one foot in the concrete jungle staring out the highrise when I’m at work and my heart set in the country. Many people who know me in my corporate setting are surprised to hear about my hobbies and passions. I love the outdoors and being able to hunt and fish, ride my trusty paint mare Okie and have a love for fashion, cooking and other items I find inspiring in life. My blog is just to report on those things and maybe inspire or entertain people just like myself who are a little bit city and a little bit country.”

And little ol’ me…


I’m Cathryn and am a self-described Farmer’s Trophy Wife! I live with my husband and our three kids on our 3rd generation farm/ranching operation and am known around these parts as the woman with the perfectly arched eyebrows hidden under my toque in -30 degree weather and the one who wears designer sunglasses while mowing the lawn. I write about anything and everything that strikes my fancy and I hope you enjoy!

Excited yet?! I know I am!!!

Check in the rest of this week for what will inspire our picks this month and then I’ll post what made the cut this month!!!

10 thoughts on “Need an excuse to go shopping?!

  1. AWESOME! I’m a country girl trapped in a suburban housewife’s body. Your blog and those of the others validate me. Can’t wait to see what you divas come up with. SO EXCITED!!!

    Cheri @The Restless Spirit

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