This has got to stop.

Help me!

*from unearthed*

Black and White Streaked Calf Hair Cuff Bracelet - by UNEARTHED

Black and White Striped Calf Hair Cuff Bracelet - by UNEARTHED

Cowhide Fur Cuff Bracelet ( Spotted Leopard Gold Lined ) - by UNEARTHED

10 responses to “Seriously?!”

  1. These are great, I’ve been wanting to buy some new cuffs lately. In fact cuffs are the one new piece that I’m going crazy about!

    1. oooo…and if you do, post pictures!!!

  2. Love these cuffs. I might have to add them to my birthday wish list. March will be here before I know it.

    1. That’s a good idea for Mother’s Day…(my birthday is too far away…)

  3. I love these cuffy I bought the one with gold inside. This one is mine:

    Love yvonne

    1. Yikes…are you going to blame me for this?! 😉

      1. Not for this one. But for all those clothes I bought of polyvore thanks to your sets.

        Deep down inside, I know it was worth it…:)

      2. Bahahah. Ok good…as long as you are happy!! 🙂

  4. Here’s all you have to do – buy all three and call them “trophies” because – aw, heck – you know! I have the same problem with Coreen Cordova jewelry – it’s not like I need more, but I WANT more! If you learn the secret to resisting, please let me know. LOL

    1. Bahahah…I will! Let you know that is…buying all three might not fly, I’m heading to Texas!!! (gotta save my $$ to shop there!)

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