Reader request…Melissa

I got a great request, Melissa, of Dreams to Designs by Senter, is out at a trade show at a  bull sale and was hoping for some outfit inspiration.She gets to hang out for 5 days (might be rainy!) and the outfits need to be easy to move in…

Hope this helps inspire you Melissa!!!

bull sale
bull sale

bull sale

13 responses to “Reader request…Melissa”

  1. Dear god, i am in love with that green skirt and it’s outfit.

  2. Thank you it is a great help. I am having tons of fun. Your ideas gave me tons of other great ideas! Its not to rainy and by afternoon is drying out.

    1. Hello and yay! You are sooo welcome!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Charlie 1 Horse hats, they would really complete these looks!

  4. The pin shirt is very cute!

  5. I just ordered the cross earrings from Rachel Roy’s website. They are a sale item right now! Can’t wait to get them!

    1. Yikes, I’ll have to get over there! Thanks for the shopping tip!

  6. Your outfit posts are always so fun! I could have used your help trying to decide what to wear to an SCI (Safari Club International) dinner this weekend!

    1. thanks!! and this sounds fun…is it formal, semi, normal?! LOL

  7. Love these looks!

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