Some random photos!

Just some randomness today! 🙂

He doesn’t look like he is having ANY fun, does he?!

My baby in her tee from the lovely ladies of Junk Gypsy Co!!! (thanks again girls!)

And my “arm party” (term coined by Crystal Cattle) and the horseshoe bracelet is a gift from the lovely ladies of Bella Spur made by the TALENTED Shelagh of Designs by Shelagh!! (thx!)

9 responses to “Some random photos!”

  1. Such adorable pictures!! Love the bracelets too!

  2. Well then I own the term “Neck Party” cause I’m sure I said it first over on my blog! #justsayin #SuzieSays #sillywoman 🙂

    1. sorry was trying to leave that reply under the convo about the woman who claims to own Arm Party. Very cutie patewtie kids girl!!!!

  3. I love that horseshoe bracelet!!!

  4. Very very cute! I have to warn you and your friend though, Leandra Medine from claims to have invented the term “arm party” and even had it trademarked. She gets a little crazy when other people use it too…she’s even sued a few. Talk about an unfriendly blogger! Use with caution!

    1. Yikes! Thanks for the warning! 😦

      1. OMG…totally looked it up, and she has! Scroll down to the end of the page…

  5. I just love that bracelet! & your kids are adorable : )

    1. I was pretty lucky to win that bracelet and thanks!

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