Got me thinking…

Thanks all for the great discussion last post!! I love it. And you know, it got me thinking.

A dangerous pastime, I know….

The tall boot over jeans is a look that is classic. Falls into the same category as a white button down shirt or tweed blazer. In style now and always will be. I just don’t want everyone else to do it too. Can’t I be the only one?! LOL. So I take back what I said, I still love it, I’m just not in love with the millions of others doing the same thing. Does that make sense?!

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And, while its easy for me to have and voice my opinion, its another thing to put my money where my mouth is. Meaning…have you noticed a lack of photos of me actually dressed up in anything?!

Thought you might have! The number one reason is…just having baby #3, I am not at my ideal body shape or size. Yes, it’s temporary, but it is what it is and I should be dressing my best and proud of it while I am getting back in shape and getting back to feeling like me again. So, one of my blog goals/resolutions is to actually post pictures of me rocking my daily style. Stay at home days…not such a good look (husband’s t-shirts and huge pj pants) so I won’t horrify you with those pictures…but on the days when I actually shower and put on some makeup…I will be sharing.


I have a question…

I got some $$ from my Grandma this Christmas (LOVE YOU!!) and I want to spend it on something that will stand the test of time…a Chanel linking C brooch, Lucchese boots or some jewelry that I will work forever. What do you suggest?! Because I am at a loss…not that I can’t think of something…more along the lines of I just can’t decide…HELP!



10 responses to “Got me thinking…”

  1. Hope you have not spent your money yet! For sure go with the cowboy boots, they will hands down stand the test of time and make you the happiest every time you put them on! Can not go wrong with cowboy boots, the older the better! They will be around for the long haul!

    1. I think that’s what I am going to do…already ordered some fab ones from The Junk Gypsyies!

  2. Lucchese boots!!! I have three pairs (I know, a lil much perhaps), and wear one of them almost every day! Insanely comfy, built to last for-ev-er, and classic. I gave my first pair to my Aunty, and at 8 years old they still look like new after you clean them. so, that’s my vote.

    1. Where do you get yours?! Here in Alberta anywhere!?

  3. I vote for the Chanel brooch. You can’t go wrong with Chanel 🙂

    1. I like that idea too…just haven’t found the right one yet!


  5. Real turquoise earrings!

  6. A Carlos Falchi Buffalo Bag (if you can still get one new- they were re-released earlier this fall but they may be gone). Or you can’t go wrong with diamond earrings- studs or little hoops.

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