one item…two ways…

I have to say a HUGE sorry for the serious lack of posts lately. My baby girl has decided that 8 to 12pm is her favorite time to be awake…and this means mommy has to pay attention to her, or ELSE! And that is usually my “ME” time when I get my blogging done! Darn it!

But…she’s asleep right now…sooo…

This post is a new idea for me…totally stolen from another blogger of course, because what good idea isn’t?! 😉

I love the blog, ALL THINGS LOVELY, and she does a post series called “Dress Up, Dress Down” …my title, not so original…help me out here if you want!!

one item, two ways


What do you think?! I know that a lot of  the items that I use can be on the $$$ side. And I totally realize that this is impractical, but when I am making “looks” I just pick things that appeal to me in their shape, color and style. I don’t pick based on designer or price tag, and by no stretch of the imagination do I think that you need to spend big bucks to recreate these looks yourselves. All I am hoping you take away or copy is the idea. Many things can be found for a heck of a lot cheaper in your favorite stores…GAP, Zara, Joe Fresh or wherever you love to shop, keep the “looks” in mind when you are shopping and I can guarantee you will be able to recreate on your budget no problem!!
I also have a question for you all.
I have been asked to participate in a ag-conference discussing fashion and interior design with woman from all sorts of ag. backgrounds. The theme/lecture is totally up us (I love a team effort!) and I was wondering, if you were to attend something like this, what would you like me to talk about?! Thanks in advance for all the help!!!
Hope your week is going fabulous and love ya!!

6 responses to “one item…two ways…”

  1. I think you are on the right track for your conference – discussing how even runway fashions or couture can translate to all budgets & lifestyles – however, I am glad that many women today don’t feel that they have to “follow the trends”. I think if you can find what works for you (not too out-of-date, however) you can be comfortable as well as fashionable…….and get on with your life!! Fashion is an art form and can be fun!!

  2. I’m always interested in affordable, practical home fashions (lots of storage, but clean lines, hiding the mess) that can withstand the destructive force of two small cowboys and their larger cowboy father. Is this conference going to be in Alberta? I’d be interested in more of the details…. As far as fashion goes, affordability is key. I’m a saver, and that money goes into the ranch during emergencies, leaving my interior design and fashion budget back to zero.

  3. I’m exactly with what Catherine said. That is super exciting!

    I love, LOVE the idea about one item, two ways…who cares what you call it…this is GREAT.

    Wishing you some rest. 🙂 Take care, sweet momma!

  4. How to have a rustic home without going overboard on the ‘themes’ and having it look over the top. Ageless and timeless practical fashion for women who spend a good deal of time on outdoor pursuits. You will be amazing! Good luck!

  5. Cute cute! And that is awesome about the ag-conference. I think a lot of people don’t realize that us ag girls have a good sense of fashion, and even if it is a little different than other girls, we still have good taste. I think I would love to hear about how a stay-at-home-mom (like you!) gets her daily dose of fashion when you are surrounded by kids most of the day and rarely leave the house. My favorite part of my job is dressing up every day so I can’t imagine the void in my heart when I (hopefully) become a SAHM one day.

  6. How to position furniture & accessorize a
    room.I always have trouble with trying
    to think outside the box.
    LUV your blog in Houston, TX

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