This is my plan…

I NEED new dishes…

My cute brown set from Ikea isn’t cutting it anymore, our water dries dishes and glasses out so fast it’s ridiculous.

I can’t use the dishes in the microwave anymore…unless I want 3rd degree burns.

And I have saved these images for a LONG time…

Something about this table setting is soooo me.

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

But I need your help finding the dishes…

I have the napkins (yay Pottery Barn!) but need all the rest. Any suggestions on where to shop?!



10 responses to “This is my plan…”

  1. Williams-Sonoma. I know they have one in Chinook! Check out these Ikat table runners…I think the red one is gorgeous.

    I believe they have the black chargers as well, and the brown dishes can be found at Mikasa in an ironstone.

    Blue glasses-Pier One

    Patterned dishes- Home Sense always has a great selection for good value. I like the Market Mall store the best of all the ones I’ve been to in Calgary.

    Whew…have fun!!! 😉

    1. Wow!! You sure deliver!! Thx babe, I will check all of these out!!

  2. Anthropologie! You can find some very whimsical things there. Otherwise, I’d say maybe ABC Home in NY or try

    1. I do like Anthro! I am kinda lusting after some glasses from there…

  3. anthropologie

  4. Pier One is a great source too

  5. The wheat has been harvested. Winter wheat will be next – July 2012. Sorry. Summer wheat comes off in the fall. I would check places like Tuesday Morning, TJ MAX, Marshalls for the plateware. The blue glass is unique – thrift stores? and the tablecloth – JoAnn’s – make your own.

    That is what I would start with. Love your blog.

    1. Thanks!! The wheat is the easiest part, although ours won’t be ready till Fall 2012…and the rest, I will totally check out!

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