Top 100…Guest post!!

Sooooo….I had a bunch of lovely ladies lined up to do some guest posts for the week that I was due with the babe.

And then, SURPRISE…

She showed up 3 weeks early.

So, the posts are here, I just wasn’t organized enough to have them posted last week! But this week, I have things somewhat under control…(LOL). I asked the ladies to write a post containing their top 10 must have items…I started a post series a while back that listed my top 100 items that I love and adore, and this is a continuation of that series…

Hello and welcome to Cheryl McMullen, designer of Double D Ranchwear…a clothing company that I have LONG been a fan of. Their line is western with a twist of fabulousness that only Double D can capture…check out their fall/winter 2011 line and get ready to start adding to your Christmas wish list!!!

Just 10?  Ok, let me narrow this down to the essentials. 

1.     Decleor Essentiel Balm – (essential is even in the name) Pricey but so worth every smear.  Developed to purify and soften the skin but, I use it on everything from cuts, burns, chapped lips, chaffing, tweezed brows , etc.   I keep a jar on my desk.

2.     Pandora Radio – just in you’ve been living in a cave, this is a music site where you can create up to 100 unique “stations” and refine them to suit your personal preferences.  Here is my Design Away station.

3.     LV Luggage – remember the old Chinese proverb, “ Buy the best, cry only once”.  My favorite “go to” piece is the Pegase 55 Business. It’s on wheels and stores easily in the overhead compartment.

4.     A Vintage Bandana – a soft vintage is best but Ralph Lauren makes some great ones too.

5.     Books, Books, Books – When I’m designing I don’t have a lot of time to read, so I download from Audible.  My favorite this year was, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, unabridged.

6.     Apple iMac  – with lightening speed Internet…..‘nuff said.

7.     A great turquoise necklace, ears and honking ring – Much like these from the Milliecent Rogers Museum.

8.     Fresh Flowers – …on my desk or bedside. Flower Girl Farms grows the most amazing blooms in the South Central Texas region.  Check her out for weddings too.

9.     My boys – Since there is no link for them, may I suggest a framed photo or two of your own precious-es. Photos are some of my favorite framing inspirations. Very creative and visually appealing.

10NIV Bible – because it’s the Truth.

5 responses to “Top 100…Guest post!!”

  1. […] the fun!! I asked Suzie to continue our “Top 100…can’t live without” …post series and she was super excited to share!! Suzie has a FABULOUS blog that I totally recommend checking […]

  2. congratulations!!! Just this afternoon I downloaded the Pandora app to my phone. I did that because my beloved boy just downloaded it onto his phone and he loves it. Well, that….and my mp3 player pooped out today. I can’t go to the gym without an mp3. Its law. So, I’m having cookies instead. You have to eat cookies if you have a good reason to not go to the gym. Its law.

    1. lol…i like your no gym excuse/theory!!

  3. Good taste, good list, congrats on the baby.

    1. I agree…Cheryl has AMAZING taste!! And thanks, baby #3 is fabulous!!

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