Reader Request…Christmas Parties!!

It is that time of year again! Christmas parties in all shapes and sizes are already happening…

I think.

Being at home, I am SO out of the loop it isn’t funny.

So, I just have to assume that all you fabulous people out there are getting together, eating amazing meals, drinking wonderful, delicious, alcoholic drinks (can you tell it’s been a while since my last ambrosia martini?!), visiting with friends and if you are lucky, dancing the night away.



Here are a few different ideas for looks…from casual to dressy to formal!

So have fun and please, have at least one drink for me?!

Christmas Party
Christmas parties, fancy
Christmas parties, formal


2 responses to “Reader Request…Christmas Parties!!”

  1. Oooo how I love ruffles & details on these shirts

    1. I like them too…looks so festive!

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