Reader Requests…

I have gotten a bunch of emails from you darling readers with all sorts of occasion requests!!

Love it!

Heidi…I randomly pick my jeans from the polyvore site…if you click on the image here on my blog, it should take you to my polyvore site and there should be all the items, and if you click on them, it will take you to where the jeans are originally from. I say should because I didn’t do the linking thing myself…it’s a polyvore thing. Hope it works!!


Here are a few ideas for your daughter’s baptism, hope they work!

Baptism outfit
Baptism outfit
baptism outfit

Cassie…I totally get your situation…over the last 5 years I have been soooo many sizes (pregnancies!) and my closet is FULL of stuff I grow in and out of. I can understand how you don’t want to invest too much money into clothes that will not fit in a few months, but looking and feeling good NOW is sooo important. Don’t wait till the weight is gone, buy what you love now and we can figure out a way to make it work!! My trick is to buy a bunch of plain old basics…black and white tees, great fitting jeans, black/grey/white turtlenecks or sweaters and then invest money into accessories…Here are a few ideas!!


YAY! That was fun…I have a few more requests that I will get to this week too…

Can’t wait!!


4 responses to “Reader Requests…”

  1. Love!

    Thank you so much. I’ve finally got some inspiration. I love the Buckle jacket.

    What does one wear with mustard?

    I would never think to put some of these things together, but I love them when I see them on here. I’m sort of fashion myopic.

    I really appreciate it.

    1. I think mustard could go with a lot…forest green, navy blue, JEANS!! And truly, I have been collecting images of outfits I love, forever, and just copy them using my taste and style to alter it a bit…start a file/book of images that you love from magazines and such and go back anytime you need inspiration!

  2. I love that all of these jackets have fur collars!!! So warm & cozy

    1. Me too…but you already knew that! I am all about fur…and real too. I just haven’t found a fake I love yet…

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