NFR in VEGAS!!! (reader request!)

I got a great email from a darling reader a week or so ago…

Ashley, the lucky duck, is heading off to Vegas for the NFR!!!

And needless to say, I am VERY jealous…I went last year and had sooooo much fun!
And spent a lot of $$…


Here are a few suggestions for her to pack/look for while she’s there!!

And if any of you have any tips or suggestions on what to do and where to go…leave her a comment!!!

vegas outfit #1
vegas outfit #2
vegas #3


8 responses to “NFR in VEGAS!!! (reader request!)”

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  2. Oh my, I wish I was going to the NFR this year. Perhaps next year though. I would go crazy with the shopping & oh yes Vegas too ; )

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  4. I love them all…but especially the middle one with the Pendletonish blanket vest thingy! I’m still tempted to cut up one of my Pendletons and give it a whirl at making something like that!

    Oh, and NFR…my fave Cowboy Christmas venue is at Mandalay Bay, favorite bar is Gilly’s in Treasure Island, favorite pizza is any at Spagos right at the Caesars entrance to the Forum Shops, favorite crab claws is at Joes on the ground floor of the Forum Shops main entrance, favorite steak is Steak Frite at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris, favorite past time is staring at the shoes in the Louboutin window in the shops at the Venetian 😉

    1. Don’t cut up anything! shop shop shop lady! 😉 and thanks for all the tips!! we need to plan a vaca together i think!!

  5. Agreed on the weather it’s quite unpredictable! While at the convention center shopping you MUST hit up the following booths: Two Bar West, Vintage Revival and Beau Compton Silver! Just my thoughts 😉

    1. Thanks for the tips and I love Vintage Revival too!!!

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