Is it too early?!

Ok….so yes, November is a LITTLE early but…

This baby is due in December so I think I am more than a little anxious for Christmas to roll around!!


Tough luck people, I am officially going Christmas crazy!


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*image from here*

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*image from here*

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*image from here*

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*image from here*

And of course, I had to add an antler in there somewhere!!!



9 responses to “Is it too early?!”

  1. I’m getting the Christmas urge really early this year. Even came home with stocking stuffers for the kiddos last week!!!!

    1. Me too…but you are WAY more organized than I am!! I need to get shopping!!

  2. Good to do it now while you have a little more time than after the baby arrives!! You must be getting so excited.

    1. ummmm…I haven’t actually DONE anything yet…just getting into the mental Christmas spirit! 😉

  3. It’s never too early! I love your taste in Christmas decorations 🙂

    1. I totally agree! Christmas is such a happy time…why not try to make that feeling last as long as possible?! And thanks!!!

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