Look of the week…pregnancy version…

I think that Jewel was so super cute while pregnant…I just wish there were more photos out there of her, she has such great personal style and adds that western touch that I LOVE! (and her hubby isn’t to bad to look at either!)

look of the week...pregnancy


8 responses to “Look of the week…pregnancy version…”

  1. I love this look. Even though I have some similar wrap or cardigan sweaters, does anyone know a source on where to get one similar the one Jewel’s wearing? I love the fact that it has the blue colors in it…only thing I can find even remotely similar are all black/grays…and I love to pair with brown.

    1. hmmm, good question! I will start hunting…and if anyone else knows, leave a comment and help us out!

  2. Love the prego outfit! I’ve bought a few sweaters like these because they are cute pregnant or not.

    1. That style sweater is cute…and has been staying in style for a few years now…I like stuff like that!

  3. I LOVE the stuff she wears…her house….her life….her voice….*sigh*

  4. Love her outfit, pregnant or not I’d wear it! And to me she doesn’t look that big, maybe the white shirt with the high belt is deceiving!

    1. Maybe she isn’t pregnant here…you are right, it would totally work either way!!

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