Rocky Mountain Soap Company…

About a month or so ago, I tweeted and facebooked about a new skin care line that Rocky Mountain Soap Co. sent me to try out…

The Complete Transformative Skin Care Line

Now…I will be the first to admit that my skin care routine is, well….


I know…

I’m terrible and that what I do now in my 30’s will reflect in my 50 and 60s…

But I am soooooo lazy.

I admit it. So when this showed up in the mail I was excited but also mentally prepared to fail. Isn’t that terrible? I have all the good intentions in the world, I have tried a million (give or take) different products and systems…and still haven’t stuck to any longer than a week.


Yay!!!! This one I actually did!! For 3 whole weeks! Can you believe it!? I still actually can’t and am very proud of myself. Here’s a little rundown on what the product is about and then I will tell you my theory as to why I stuck to this one…

“Nature has within it, the innate ability to remain in a state of balance. Our goal was to create skin care that can benefit everyone. Our system is designed to promote the long-term health and resiliency of your complexion. It works to balance oil production, whether your skin is overproducing and congested or under-producing and dry. A daily routine comprised of 100% natural Rocky Mountain Soap Company skin care is the kindest way to care of your face. The power of nature transforms skin from dull and lifeless to glowing and radiant.”


“1. At night, apply a quarter-sized amount of the Transformative Cleansing Oil to a cotton pad and wipe away make-up, environmental residue and even waterproof sunblock. You may also dispense the oil onto clean hands and massage in with fingertips, paying attention to any oil-producing areas.

 2. Saturate a cotton pad with the Hydrating Toner and wipe your face gently. You may need to repeat until the cotton pad wipes clean without showing any dirt or make-up. Your face will be clean and soft to the touch.

3. Gently pat the Eye Cream around the eye area, under eyes and on lids until it is blended. Be careful not to pull the skin. Use the Eye Cream at night after cleansing and in the morning as part of your daily routine.

4. In the morning, wash your face with warm water, and apply the Day Cream and Eye cream to feed your skin moisture throughout the day.”


Ok…so  here is what I liked…

1- small (pretty!) bottles that are easy to pack and don’t take up space on my counter (I have to leave it out, otherwise I would NEVER remember to use it!)

2- the SIMPLE instructions. I am a complicated girl (just ask my husband…) but when it comes to this kinda stuff…simple is better. That way I am more inclined to actually do it. If I had to leave on for 3 minutes and then scrub counterclockwise with a warm washcloth…blah, blah, blah…it wouldn’t happen. This Complete Transformations Line is so simple that I didn’t even have to rinse with water. LOVE THAT!!

3- I didn’t break out. Simple as that. Being pregnant I pretty much have given up on trusting what my skin is going to be like from day to day…some days dry, others oil-city. With this line, it covers all types. Nice!

4- the smell. Each of these products, just like everything in the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. product lineup is 100% natural. And I thought that everything was so pretty and sweet…without that overbearing perfume smell…

Overall, my skin was soft, no breakouts and I smell great. Score!

Here is the link to Rocky Mountain Soap Company if you want to check it out, and here is their facebook page…and tell them I sent ya!

Have fun primping girlies!!



p.s. and thanks again to the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. for including me in this new skin care line launch!!

p.s.s. Here are a few links to some other Rocky Mountain Soap Co. products that I have long been a fan of…

Awake Therapeutic Roll-On Oil

Baby Bear Soap

Lavender Soap

I love to hear what you think!!!

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