Look of the week…

I am loving this look…it’s Kate and she’s wearing a Smythe jacket…


My look is a little different…more fall than spring themed. But there is still a Smythe jacket in the look!!!

*image from here*

smythe jacket


4 responses to “Look of the week…”

    1. Me too…but i don’t think they make them in maternity style…darn it!

  1. Oh my. I’m torn between unsubscribing your blog and loving every post. Now what? I’m a college student and broke, which is the reason your amazing fashion post are torture.

    This jacket is amazing! Don’t get me started on the boots. I have bought many pieces from your posts….Thinking about it, you are the reason I’m broke. Not college 🙂

    1. Ack! Don’t stop reading….ummmm…just…..freeze your credit cards? Cut them up? Budget? I’m not sure, because I am TERRIBLE at saving…a bit of a shopping addiction here too. LOL. Sorry?! 😉

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