Pickled carrots…

Hello all! It’s that time again…harvest is around  the corner and it’s time to pickle!!! I have big plans for today and tomorrow…we’ll see how that works out with two kids under my feet. But here is a repost from this time last year with the recipe that I used and LOVED!

If you recall, I pickled some carrots a few weeks back…and we tried them this week!

SOOOO GOOD!! I am so happy that it worked! Although I’ve been told it’s hard to mess up pickling…but with my track record, it wouldn’t have surprised me….

*I was just reminded that I forgot to post the recipe I used!! So sorry! Here is the link…the only change I made was to use fresh dill from our garden instead of dry…*

And today is the LAST DAY to enter the CANVAS STOCK giveaway!! http://wp.me/pKkEY-WN

3 responses to “Pickled carrots…”

  1. Somewhere between pickled carrots and pickled garlic…this is where you had me 🙂

    1. LOL…I’ll try to save you a jar!

  2. Definitely canning time! And your carrots are so pretty!

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