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My list…

Over the years I’ve created a mental list of all the “stuff” I’d love to own someday…

Silly, yes.


So I’d thought I’d share…and I want your list too! I’d love to know what is on your “I wish” list!

1- Chanel Purse (I haven’t picked “the one” yet..more research must be done)

2- Louis Vuitton Purse

3- Fur Coat

4- Christian Louboutin Heels

5- Burberry Trench

6- Frye Boots

7- Minnetonka Moccasins

8- Leather Coat

9- Chanel Sunglasses

10- Diane von Furstenburg Wrap Dress

11- Lucchese or Old Gringo Boots (or both!)

12- Hunter Rubberboots

13- Sweetbird Studio something…

14- Ralph Lauren Coat/Sweater

15- Double D Ranch Jacket

And that’s about it for my list…although really, there are TONS more items for my list. But that would just be silly to go on and on and on and on…



13 thoughts on “My list…

  1. Killer list! My list keeps growing as I get older. Ya’d think I’d cross some of it off.
    I’d have to steal #5. I have so many of #8. You just can’t get enough cool leather jackets.
    Really, I just keep going back up and sighing over your list as I type this lil comment. 🙂

  2. Seriously, you’d need a space upgrade for my list 🙂 BUT if I had to pick just one thing…hmmmm…it’s a toss up between a Gator and a Chanel Purse. (LOL Would love the purse, but I’m tired of wheeling the weeds out to the back 40 by hand!)

      1. LOL! You have the same “accounting” strategy/justification as me!!! Can’t wait to show my financial type hubs I’m not the only one :))))

  3. I have # 3, 8, and 15.
    Want # 10,11, 12. and 14 specifically his new embroidered coat (chinese symbols on black, to die for).
    #1 I’d kill for a Double D Ranch beaded belt
    #2 an old pawn turquoise concho belt
    #3 anything from DSquared2 Fall 2011 collection
    #4 Dolce & Gabbana lace dress
    #5 a rich man to pay for it all

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