This girl has style…

*image from here*

12 responses to “This girl has style…”

  1. I love that color, it’s still bright but more fall weather appropriate

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous? Screams fall to me!

  2. I need this outfit!

    1. Me too…but I might wait till not pregnant! 😉

  3. Love everything she’s wearing…very classy look!

    1. I really like the color of her sweater…

  4. Love the look. Don’t love the price.

    1. I know…I gloss over that part and look for stuff when I am out and about that is similar, yet MY price range!

  5. Style, polish, and one heck of a gorgeous tan! My freckles are jealous.

  6. How do people look this put together? By the time I get the morning chores done my hair is falling down, my clothes are covered in hay (or worse), and I’m all sweaty. Thus, setting the pattern for the rest of the day. Oh how I would love to look this polished. Great find, she’s fantastic.

    1. Ditto…except I’m covered in kid “stuff”….

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