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anne b. accessories…

I came across anne b. accessories in Cross Iron Mill mall, a little while back and fell head over heels for the jewelery!!

One more thing to love…darn it!

So I thought I’d share…

That way, I’m not alone in having an empty bank account!

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 Aren’t these pieces gorgeous?! And the price point is fabulous too!

Just click on her link and check her out!



7 thoughts on “anne b. accessories…

  1. Eeeeek! So beautiful!!! Can’t believe I’ve never made it to Cross Iron but you can bet it’s on my list for the next visit. Oh, and once again the Mr. thanks you for the tip 😉

  2. I just recently discovered this as well – and made sure I stopped my hubby to point it out and drill into his brain that next time he needed to get me a gift anything from there would be a hit with me!

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