A Farmer's Trophy WIfe outfit for every occasion...A to Z · Fashion & Beauty


Here is another addition to my What to Wear project…

If you have ANY event suggestions let me know! I’m a little stuck for E…









20 thoughts on “D…

  1. E…. everyday, elegant evening, emergency girls night (my personal fave), election night, earth day, Easter, eating out, economy outfits (for the $ challenged), engagement party, eloping, empty nest day (a/k/a the first day of school), environmentally friendly, European vacation, expanding belly clothes (maternity), eye-catching….

    Okay… No more coffee for me. 🙂

  2. I love, love, LOVE the dinner party outfit.
    E=Europe Trip
    E=Easter on the Farm

    When you get toN I would love to see a Nascar race Outfit. I would like to see that because I will apply for a job there next week. I so hope they are interested in a German girl working for them! I will cry if not!:)


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