Out of curiosity…

Out of curiosity, are you darling readers, closed cabinet type of people….

*image from here*

Or open shelving types?

*image from here*

Because, I love the look of open, but the handiness of hiding all my stuff behind doors….

13 responses to “Out of curiosity…”

  1. I love the open shelving look too!! But the thought of having more to dust keeps me from even thinking about having it…unless ofcourse I ever get to the point of hiring a housekeeper=)

  2. I completely agree with your point of view! It’s nice to be able to hide your stuff so you don’t have to worry about keeping your stuff super organized, yet if you have a lot of pretty plates and things the open look is so great and gives the room a sense of having more space on the walls.

  3. Both! Four open shelves and one upper cabinet.

  4. I like open spaces too, I like seeing what I’m up against lol The blue is so pretty!

  5. I love the look of open shelving, but that would require me to have somewhat close to matching dishes. I also think that closed cabinetry is more classic and clean looking. Maybe try for the best of both worlds, and have glass front cabinetry on top!

  6. I love the open look, but don’t trust myself to have that many open shelves. Right now, I have very few upper cupboards- mostly drawers. I only have a couple around the stove and above the fridge. Have some bare wall that may end up having an open shelf, though…

  7. One thing I can never pass up are white bowls. White without any design on it. I have 30 cereal bowls alone and I live by myself! Those I like to have on an open shelf. So I can reach them easily. But appliances and other stuff I like to hide behind doors.

  8. closed. open is pretty if all your dishes match! when you have a lot of coloured tupperware, it just ain’t pretty! and as you know, on the farm there are a few more flies than in the city, so i like my dishes behind doors!

  9. I love the LOOK of them open BUT it would not work in our house because pf two things: the amount of dust that accumulates in our house (yours isn’t bad), and 2: every now and then we get furry critters in the house and I really don’t like the thought of them scurrying across what I eat on! (not sure if you have the same issues!) But they sure look gorgeous!!

  10. I’m definitely a closed cabinet type of girl.

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