A Farmer’s Trophy Wife outfit for every occasion…

Have I ever mentioned that I am slightly addicted to fashion books?!

Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham, The BBC girls of What Not to Wear…

You name it, I’ve probably bought it.

And my latest find is a FAB book by bloggers Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power of the WHOWHATWEAR.com fame…

This book covers their take on what to wear to EVERY event from A to Z…


But it got me thinking…what would a “Farmer’s Trophy Wife” version look like?!

So here it is…A to Z (in random posts over the next little while!)



3 responses to “A Farmer’s Trophy Wife outfit for every occasion…”

  1. You have fantastic taste! Glad I came upon your blog and info through Junk Gypsy – very similar!
    Love It!

  2. Shannon Leano Avatar
    Shannon Leano

    Given that it’s WEDDING season, can you please skip ahead to W quickly!

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