Smythe blazers…

I am in LOVE with these blazers….


They are by the sister of Tommy Smythe of the Sarah Richardson fabulousness. Apparently Sarah wears these regularly on her show and I have always loved her style…so of course….

These ROCK!


18 responses to “Smythe blazers…”

  1. Im interest in the blazer could you send me the website Symethe Blazer…

  2. Where do you find these?

    1. I think if you click on the blazer it will take you to her site…otherwise just google Smythe Jackets and it should take you to her…LOVE her stuff!!!!

  3. A good, expensive blazer is always worth it right? I feel like blazers are the types of pieces that you have to purchase the expensive ones, you can’t do cheap when it comes to getting a good fitting blazer.

    1. And these are such classic designs that it will be instyle for a long time!

  4. A Smythe blazer is on my wish list…may take me a few years to save for it!I love the navy one that Kate Middleton wore! Great design sure runs in the Smythe family!

    1. Doesn’t it?! I would love to be a cousin…sure they must have some sorta family deals!

  5. Is this the blue jacket Kate Middleton was wearing while here in Canada? If so, I’m all over this. Thanks for making the connection for me.

    BTW, I’d love for you to breakdown Kate’s Stampede outfit, where did she get blouse and belt…do you know?

    1. Hmmm…I’d say yes. Holt Renfrew carries Smythe, you can google it or check out the website for more store links. AND yes! I will attempt this! Any help would be great dear readers!!

      1. I read the boots were a gift from Alberta Boot company.

      2. Both blouses were by Alice Temperley, a British designer.

  6. They were also worn by the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) on her visit here. The dark blue one like she wore is apparently sold out in every Holts across the country!

    1. I heard…she has such great taste!

  7. Just yesterday I went shopping (here in Germany) and these blazers were all over the place. I got one in grey with dark grey patches.


  8. Ok, these are beautiful! I am now in love with them too. I love the first two the most. I am going to have to check out more! Thank you for sharing, otherwise I may have never known about these! I love how they can be dressed up or dressed down, and look great with jeans.

    1. I think I need one in every color….just might have to start saving my $$ first…a little pricey….

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