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So yesterday was the last day of Stampede and boy was it a HOT one!!

There is something to be said for only being able to go with my hubby on rainy (no haying) days…


I got a media pass for my lovely little blog, the week before Stampede, with the plans and hopes of being able to post some great pictures of ladies with some FABULOUS Stampede style…

I was a little disapointed.

Now, I got to get down there a couple days, and I probably wasn’t in the best places for finding those with great style…

But seriously.

If I see one more pair of cowboy boots and short-shorts, I might scream.

I rarely voice a strong or negative opinion on my little blog…but this was SO frustrating!

Not sure what I was hoping for…but that wasn’t it.

I was thinking more along these lines…

*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*

What did you think?! Come across any fabulous fashion that I missed?!


28 thoughts on “Hmmmm…

  1. I was at the Stampede this weekend too, and was also overwhelmed by the shear volume of short short shorts and unflattering tops! There were a few ladies I noticed that looked very nice, but my boyfriend and I found ourselves raising an eyebrow at several girls weren’t sporting much more than strategically placed tattoos, boots and a few scraps of denim.
    Hope you had a wonderful time while you were there!

  2. Sundresses and boots are just softer and cooler and way more laid back then short shorts and boots. It’s like your really “trying” at being country cute, where as throw on a cute sundress or pair of jeans with your boots and it just looks effortless.

  3. I love wearing cowboy boots. I import French antiques and wear my boots at the flea markets in Paris and the South fo France…saves my feet. So you can imagine, I’m the only one wearing cowboy boots… I’m on the hunt for another pair to take on my August buying trip and posted a few on my fan page. …check em out…
    Thanks, Jenny….
    I just found your blog, really nice.

  4. I agree, ick, I despise “buckle bunnies”. I love sundresses with cowboy boots or cotton dresses. Ruffled skirts are super pretty too.

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