Look of the week ~ Penelope Cruz summer

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy (almost) Fourth of July!

And happy long weekend to all!!!

Here is ANOTHER look of the week….

I know, you are getting bored of these…

But I haven’t done them in so long that it’s addicting…

Sorry! 😉

WRAP STAR photo | Penélope Cruz


look of the week...Calgary Stampede!


I think I NEED these boots…..

8 responses to “Look of the week ~ Penelope Cruz summer”

  1. I love, love the boots!! Need them!

    1. They are FABULOUS!! I think I might be buying them this summer….

  2. Happy Canada Day! Love those boots!

  3. Yes, where are those boots from?! I’m trying to stock up on boots for winter now, so I don’t completely break my bank account…and here I am acting like Florida winters are so terribly cold!

    1. They are from twisted X…LOVE their boots…so comfortable!!

  4. I need those boots & the yellow bag!

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