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Calgary Stampede…

*me…back in my Calgary Stampede Ranchgirl days…*

The countdown is on!!

Soon it will be the biggest show on earth here in Calgary and I am excited! This year I am planning to head down there much more than once, and hopefully kid free…

Yes, we will be taking them one day, but it’s a bit much navigating the crowd and such with two kids that would much rather wander off than sit with mommy and people watch.

That is one of my favorite things to do at Stampede.

I’m guilty, I admit it.

I LOVE it!

People get into such amazing Stampede spirit and dress to the nines for it. LOVE!

And this year I am planning to take my camera down and capture some of that spirit!! Can’t wait!!

Are you going?!? Have you ever been?! What is your favorite part?!



10 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede…

  1. What a wonderful experience for you! Maybe your “girlie” will follow in your footsteps! I went to my very first Stampede just last summer Enjoyed the rodeo and watching my son-in-law ride. It was a great few days spent with the family!

  2. LOVE the photo! That must have been quite the experience!!! And of course, you know I’ve been all worked up about Stampede since I booked my rodeo tickets months ago :). Soooo excited as it’s my favorite time of year! Yay Stampede!!! Or, in your words…SQUEAL!

    1. Hmmmm…2001 to 2005? I think…yup. That’s about the timing. Three Stampedes and then a bunch of random rodeos for the years after that when I couldn’t get time off for Stampede…LOVED IT!!! you?!

  3. Cathryn, I have yet to go to the Stampede but would absolutely love to attend one of these years very soon! That picture holds lots of memories for you I’m sure. Please update us with posts on the Stampede and maybe a few pictures!

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