Hello my dear friends!!

I am in need of some help…

Ok, actually, a reader named Shell is…

She wrote me hoping I could help her come up with a fabulous name for her fledgling cattle farm and since my ideas are okay…

I’m SURE yours are much more creative!

” I am such a GIRLY GIRL! I am the kinda girl who will be out there in uggs boots and LV ear rings! LOL! 😉 I am slowing learning the farming isn’t working with shorts and bikini top! Everybody I know been trying to come up with ideas, but just nothing is like WAM BAM HELL YEA! =) For the most part I want girly. I am super girly and I think my farm name should reflect me.  I grew up on the lake and honesty know nothing ’bout cattle but I always say life and learn, that’s just part of life, if there is a will there is a way.Sounds GREAT! Just remember GIRLY! GIRLY GIRLY GIRLY! It’s going to be a cattle farm (with) some goats here and there if that helps. Maybe later on a some pigs and chickens..whatever else.  I don’t want the plain jane like people use their name or area names.  Catchy and SCREAMS buy my big beautiful beefy cows Farmer Shell, too hot to trot, raised! LOL! 😉 Thanks!” ~Shell

So I thought what better way to come up with a FABULOUS name than throw it out to you all!!

Thanks all and we look forward to hearing your suggestions!!!!



6 responses to “Help!!”

  1. Can Shell email me, I am in a whirlwind of confusion with our Ranch naming process and could use some guidance, Thanks!

  2. Fool’s Gold Ranch

  3. Haut Coture cattle company do you know what her brand looks like? That could help

  4. What about naming it after one of her favorite brands. Like LV Farms or Coach Ranch. It would still have that professional feel, but special meaning to her. She could really play up the girliness with her colors and branding. Hot pink farm sign?

  5. Shell already named it: “Too Hot To Trot”! It says they are such beautiful cows (raised by a fabulous farmer) that you just have buy them for their beef otherwise it would be a waste to have them “trotting around”. 😉

  6. Well, I thought of a few and I love doing these! 🙂

    I thought of “Tiara Acres” or “Crowned Acres” or something like that. The slogan could be something catchy like “Where the Queen Beef Graze”.

    I also thought of Jeweled Acres or Jeweled Lane, just because it reminds me of sparkly things.

    My last idea was if Shell has a breed doing something like Hot to Trot Angus (playing off her email) or Jazzy Angus or Sassy Angus. Those were just my initial thoughts, maybe it will spark something for another reader if Shell doesn’t like my ideas!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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