Rustic love…


I adore this….

Not sure if it’s the antlers…

The wood wall…

or the combo with the girlie curtains and wallpaper.

But I LOVE!!!

*image from here*

What do you think?! Love….Hate?!



9 responses to “Rustic love…”

  1. Love! I would so sleep here!

  2. wow. lovelovelovelove.

  3. There is no way I could have all those beautiful antlers in my home without looking like the home of a taxidermist. But they sure are so awesome.


    1. LOL…there is always that risk! I have no choice…it’s antlers or the whole head…my husband hunts, so I am cool with antlers….I can’t stand the eyes of the heads….creepy.

  4. Love it! Gorgeous!

  5. I LOVE this! I’m soon going to be moving into an apartment and I’m dreaming about faux tooled leather + vintage lace + cow hide + lots of turquoise in the living room…. 🙂 THis is gorgeous!

    1. This would be a gorgeous girly/rustic look!!!

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