This girl has style…

Did you check her blog out?!?!

And I ADORE her jeans and button up shirt looks….



*image from here*

12 responses to “This girl has style…”

  1. Atlantic-Pacific!!! I’ve been crushin’ on her for a while now! Isn’t she wonderful??!!!

    1. She is awesome…but I love her few and far between jean looks….she seems to be a skirt kinda girl…

      1. True, but her ability to layer, be it jeans or skirts, is pure genius! Although, the little bow in the hair sends me straight looney. No grown woman should wear a Pebbles and BamBam bow on her head!!! 🙂

      2. SO TRUE! So not my taste either….but she can pull it off!

  2. Cool stuff, she does have Style!

    1. I love her way of accessorizing….drama!!!

  3. I checked out her blog too and she does have some great looks!!!I’m such a conservative dresser…maybe I need to start jazzing it up a little!

    1. Just start small and work your way up…that way you will feel comfortable!

  4. She is the new Carrie Bradshaw! LOVE her style!

  5. Wow! Her blog is amazing, I love her clothes & style!

    1. I want her wardrobe….actually her accessories! (and legs….)

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