The Farm

Branding season….

It’s that time of year again….

The cows are (mostly) calved out, the bulls are getting ansy and the pastures are growing great (so much RAIN!).

So, we have to get the heifers and babies ready for sending out to pasture…

This means treating anyone who is sick and vaccinating against those common bugs that they can get while out on grass.


And branding!!!

These pics are from when my darling ran the heifers (last year’s girl babies) through and got them ready to head out for their first year with a bull!


Our little helpers….



And how they kept themselves entertained for an hour….



So much laundry, so little time!!



6 thoughts on “Branding season….

  1. These photos are priceless. You have the sweetest babies ever-I’m so glad you’re having another! 🙂

    We finished branding on Wednesday and I’m beyond glad it’s over. I always have tons of fun in the evening-but that morning I ran around losing my marbles…:)

    Your first shot is awesome!

  2. Cute, kids are always drawn to mud puddles. It was just today at a horse show that I watched a little kid stomp in mud with his shoes on while his mother walked away. There was yelling later & she returned with a brand new pair of mud boots, apparently he forgot to put them on.

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