Our Adventure…

Last Sunday was (finally!) a nice day out here and still to wet to finish the last 600 acres we have to seed. So we decided to go check on the bulls and take the kids.

When we want our girlie to go with us and not complain, we tell her that we are going on an adventure.

This works wonders.

But she’s three…

I’m waiting for it to stop working….

So we went out to one of the north pastures and wandered around for a while looking at flowers….

Checked out our bulls….

Who are apparently stuck on one side of a slough that is now about 6 feet or so deep.

They’ll be fine…

And we checked out what once was the dugout….

And this is the loner bull.

The others don’t like him very much, so he hangs out by himself.

And was the only one who didn’t get stuck on the other side of the slough….


And then…..

The “adventure” that we promised started….

Yes…my husband let our 1 1/2 year old drive….

And so we were STUCK….

As in not moving an inch….

So my darling carried out the girlie…

And then took this video…



My hubby managed to carry me part way till he “tripped” on a clump of dirt and dumped us both in the water.


But then while we were waiting for our lovely, fantastic and wonderful neighbours to come pull us out….

We caught frogs!!

It was actually a REALLY fun afternoon….

The sun was shining, we had our mosquito spray and then had a great visit with our rescuers….

Not to bad!

Thanks again Holger and Ingrid!!!


11 responses to “Our Adventure…”

    1. Oh it was….except for the wet part…..

  1. Haha…oh that is one great family outing!!!

    1. It was….I love the prairie and sun…and frogs and water…..

  2. Well, that was an adventure! I love the cows reflections in the water…

    1. It was fun….and wet. But we have all dried out and are on the next adventure!

    2. Thanks…I feel for the boys, they are stuck! Until they suck it up and swim!

  3. Yay! Glad the video is working now 🙂 That looked like A LOT of fun…well, except the part where you get your beautiful Hunters wet! I know, they’re RAIN boots, but they’re not supposed to get wet on the inside girl :/. Sorry, probably just my city side coming out!

    1. LOL….trust me, that was the plan….poor, poor boots….

  4. I can’t play the videos – it says they’re “private”. 😦

    1. Ok….I’ve tried to fix it….try again…sorry!

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