So, obviously I’ve been absent lately.

I was working…



Well, actually, I love my job (Labour & Delivery Nurse)…but I work 12 hour shifts and by the time I drive in from the farm it makes for a LONG day. And I managed to schedule myself for 4 shifts in 6 days. Silly me.

And when I work, the rest of the world comes to a screeching stop. Literally. Dishes are piled, laundry is embarrassing and groceries are few and far between.

I feel sorry for my family.

But they manage and once the shifts are done, I usually have a long stretch off and can usually get our life and home back on track. So I apologize for a lack of posts and socialization…

I miss you all. But….

Hopefully I can get back to posting…I have so many posts in my head to share!!

Love you all!



p.s. Oh ya….one other reason I have been dragging my rear is that I am pregnant…again…. 🙂

13 responses to “*sigh*”

  1. OH WOW!!! Congratulations! Such happiness! You are wonder woman! 🙂 Hope everything goes well for you and your family-remember to try and take it easy a bit too. It’s okay if dishes pile up and laundry is out of control-it’s a-okay.

  2. Congrats!! How exciting. It seems like everyone in the blog world is expecting or engaged!

  3. Huge congrats, this is great. Again our lives are crossing paths, we too were expecting, but at 14 weeks I miscarried. Very hard, but we moving forward. Please post fun maternity wear for inspiration!

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