What we’ve been up to….

So we’ve been busy little bees around here….

Ok, my husband has.

It’s seeding time!!!

Which means he’s been putting in 14 to 16 hour days, and we’ve been missing him a lot!

But it’s got to get done, and it’s only a few weeks of this….

Then it’s spraying time, haying time……


Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to…

This is the girlie playing Snow White…

(yes, this picture is totally random, but she made me laugh…)

My poor tired farmboy….still in his jammies but determined to go!

My husband took this picture….

Prairie chickens (?) on our front lawn…

Our new to us truck…my darling husband and neighbours built it from the frame up….

Not too bad!

Loading fertilizer into the air-seeder…

(ignore my precious, tiny, breakable daughter up on the top…my husband took  this picture! Yikes!)


And that’s it, that’s all!

Yesterday we processed some heifers and did a little branding…I took pictures, I’ll post some later!!

Love ya all!!!


6 responses to “What we’ve been up to….”

  1. Gosh I thought I was busy girl!

    1. LOL…..it’s a different world. And so worth it.

  2. Made me tired just reading your blog this morning!…wow never a dull moment!

    1. Me too! It’s mostly my darling doing the long days….but it is BUSY!

  3. Shoot the birds and eat them- they’re delicious! Absolutely one of my favourites! For a birthday surprise this year DG spent an entire afternoon searching for some so he could cook them up as part of my birthday feast he prepared…mmmm 🙂

    1. I think Troy and Darren did that once for us too….they ARE good….a lot of work though, next time they visit we’ll call Darren!!

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