Pinterest Love…

Here are a few pictures I’ve saved on my pinterest account….

Just thought I’d share!!!

Love ya all!


12 responses to “Pinterest Love…”

  1. I love Pinterest! It has helped enormously with our gigantic reno in allowing me to keep all the ideas in one spot and the food and fashion make it even more fun! I also love that it’s like having a whole bunch of friends searching the net for cool stuff for me 🙂

    1. That’s exactly right! I love checking out what others love and finding new stuff….

  2. Oh I will take the horse drawing & of course that lovely pink & gold bed!

    1. Don’t you wish it was that way?! I’d be putting in my order everyday!!

  3. Great pictures! Thought you might be interested in Oprah’s guest today, Ralph Lauren and family! Will be having tea with them both this afternoon 😉

    1. Thanks!!! I hope to catch it….I heart Ralph!

  4. Hey Cathryn! I know that you need an invite to use Pinterest…and I was wondering if you could send me an invite from your account so I could start using it? I would love to use it, but they have a waiting list right now… 🙂

    1. Ok…I gave it a shot, let me know if you got the invite!! I was waitlisted too (?!?!) and it was only a couple days if I remember right….it’s so worth the wait!

      1. yay!!! can’t wait to see your pins!!

  5. I am crazy about Pinterest. I have been finding a ton of really great recipes on there!

    1. I haven’t gone into the recipe part yet, but the interior design and products!! I love!!

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