The summer is actually going to come!

I think.

It’s been warmer here but my oh my has the WIND been blowing!! ugly!

But….the trees are budding and I saw my first tulip bloom today, so that must mean that eventually the temperature will cooperate too.

And for me that means my kids are OUTSIDE!!!!

Love it!

And I’m not one of those get in the sandbox and play kinda moms (gasp!), so while my kids are playing happily together, I read…

Love it!

Finally my kids are the ages that they can play together and don’t eat the sand. And our front yard (acre) is fenced, so no one can escape into the farmyard!

(love it!)

And since I JUST finished a FABULOUS book, I’d thought I’d throw a random list out there for you! AND you need/have to tell me your favorites. ‘Cause I hate buying books and not liking them, and I have yet to find the time to hit our local library (terrible, I know!).

So my recent favorites are (in no particular order!)…

Anything and anything by Sara Gruen…she wrote Water for Elephants (SO GOOD!) and I just finished Ape House…so good!

All the books by Janet Evanovich….her books about Stephanie Plum are laugh out loud good. Like really. I have embarrassed myself more than once snorting out loud on some airplane or doctor’s office!

All books by David Eddings…I am a dragons and magicians nerd (if the books are well written), and I have reread these books A LOT.

And that’s my list for now…can’t wait to hear your suggestions!!!


7 responses to “Books…”

  1. Teresa lindquist Avatar
    Teresa lindquist

    Love the Stephanie Plum books! The Shopaholic series by Sophia Kinsella are great as well.

  2. Just reading the “song of fire and ice” series by George R.R. Martin – incredible if you’re into good fantasy novels! Also love anything and everything by Paulo Coelho, if you haven’t read any of his I would start with The Alchemist

  3. I recently read The Help by Kathryn Stockett and know what everyone was raving about. Another recent fav was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand-it is a true story about World War 2 survival and is fantastically written.

  4. Try my first romantic suspense novel, titled “Night Keeper” by April Nunn Coker! It’s available at,, and (also in Kindle and Nook!). Let me know how you like it. It is about night time zookeepers. . .

  5. Ranger…*swoon* 🙂

    Have you read Cinco de Mayo by Michael Martinek? It’s up for an Alberta Reader’s Choice Award, and it’s really good. Don’t judge this one by it’s cover… 😛

    Also, if you like David Eddings, have you tried Anne McCaffrey? The Pern universe is huge, but if you haven’t read any of them, start with Dragonflight!

  6. Shannon Leano Avatar
    Shannon Leano

    I’m just about to start Sweet Valley Confidential. Can’t wait to find out what the Wakefield twins are up to 10 years later 🙂 And I’m dying to read Slap.

    Some good recent reads are Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson, anything by Torrie Hayden, and Case Histories by Kate Atkinson.

  7. I am also the mom reading by the sandbox. My most recent books are:
    -The blue bistro (by Elin Hilderbrand)
    -Sookie Stackhouse series (by Charlaine Harris)
    -Aurora Teagarden series (by Charlaine Harris)
    -Hunger Games series (by Suzanne Collins)

    Just a few I enjoyed during calving season and hope to finish this summer either by the sandbox or roping arena.

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