My Thoughts

My world…




For some reason my world has wrapped me up in it and taken me away from my dear blogging. Darn it. But I am still around. I still love it. And I will fight and claw my way back.

I promise!

But for today…

Here are a few of my favorite blogs to check out…


lay baby lay…. a blog dedicated to making up nursery or little kid rooms boards…love it! Check out the one she did for my Hudson!

urbancountrystyle…love Miss Suzie’s style and taste!!!

the style files…love their picks and design taste!

fabulous K….a great girl with a great sense of style!

Love you all!!


3 thoughts on “My world…

  1. Thank You so much!!! I have been a fan of your blog forever! You inspire me each and every day, and you are the reason I started blogging. I can only hope to live up to your standard and recommendation! ((teary eyed)).

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