Out here in the sticks….

Here are a few images of what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks…
Here is the girlie out feeding chop to some of the steers…

And a visitor we had a while back…

And the girlie’s cow had a calf….so of course we had to tag it….

(can you tell which one she made?!)

And we discovered an owl’s nest in the cow pasture….

(see it?)

And the girlie has learned to drive….

(totally 100% her dad’s idea….)

And we’ve had a few ( around 130 so far!) babies too….

Hope your week is going great….mine has been fabulous…

The gorgeous girlies of the Junk Gypsy Co. are gearing up for the big wedding and still have time for a shout out for little ol’ me!!!

Feeling lots-a-love from the blogging world this week!!! Thanks all for the comments and feedback!!!!



12 responses to “Out here in the sticks….”

  1. I love her ear tag! I don’t think my dad would have ever let me make ear tags when I was little.

    1. LOL…I never either, but then I never asked…. 🙂

  2. Oh no driving? Can she even reach the pedals lol?! Leave it to dad

    1. yuppers…he sits in the middle and works the pedals. they drive around searching for calves with no tags!

  3. New follower thanks to Junk Gypsy. Love your blog and style! From a sister rancher’s wife in CA ; )

    1. Hello and thanks!! Glad you found me and have a great weekend!!

  4. Catherine and Troy
    The Eartag cracked us right up!!! How cute that is !!!
    Bill and Jude

    1. Hello and thanks!! I’m glad it made you smile…have a great day you guys!!

  5. Oh my goodness! Your girlie could market her calf earrings 😉

    1. LOL…I won’t tell her that because she might try that!

  6. New follower here, courtesy of those sweet Gypsies! Adorable lil cowgirl and calves!! And wowza, how cool is that bald eagle and owl?! Really enjoying your blog!

    1. Hello and welcome!! Great to “meet” you and yes! We were lucky enough to be visited by that big dude and his girlfriend! And the owls are looking happy out in the back 40!

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