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Look of the week~Kate Hudson

Hello lovelies!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous end to your week…I know I am!

‘Cause I am having a bunch of city girls and their kids out for a “calving party”!!

…basically they get to come out, play in the mud and if we get lucky, see a cow calve or at least a new baby or two!

We’ve had 50 babies in the last 5 days, so our odds are pretty good…but I’m not promising them anything! Hopefully the weather is nice and the kids can all get out and get dirty!!


Here is a look of the week from my favorite girl (Kate!) to end your week!!

*image from here*

look of the week


Love you all!!!

12 thoughts on “Look of the week~Kate Hudson

  1. Are things going smoothly? I, for one, am exhausted and I really don’t do anything. haha! Isn’t that terrible?

    Was it fun having everyone out?

  2. O my goodness girl, 50 in 5 days!?! I have cows also, so I know the trials of calving season!! Although you all are on a much bigger scale than I am now. I had 60 and sold off to about 10 and planning to build back up. Had mostly crossbred and shorthorns. How many do you all have?

  3. WOW! 50 babies! Things are busy at your place.
    Sounds like you have a good day planned for all the city folk…enjoy!

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