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Cow skulls…

Now, I know not all of you are into skulls, antlers…or anything animal or dead for home decor….

But, for those of us who are!

INSPIRATION: Fancy Cowhide Chair 

Erin Martin Barn 3



Corpirate painted skull


*image from pinterest*



11 thoughts on “Cow skulls…

  1. Beautiful and rustic look! Take you back to the Ponderosa! Big Valley. Keep pushing 2016! My guy friend is into deer heads and all things duck decoys statues. Love this post. Thanks for sharing your taste or style.

  2. I have one just like image #2 that I got from my father-in-law. The horns are beautiful! It was hanging at the ranch, but they sold it. So it moved to my house. I was really excited at first, but then I tried to hang it up….and it freaked me out! I felt like the spirit of the dead cow was watching me (and I don’t even like beef!) I love hanging antlers, but I’m still looking for a spot for that cow skull…. Also, I’m really digging image #3 – I don’t think I’d want to sit in that room by myself, but it’s a cool concept.

  3. I just recently found your site and love it! So inspiring! My boyfriend is also moving all of his antlers, skulls, and deer heads into my house, and as much as I love them, your blog has been giving me great ideas!

      1. I think I just found you through other blogs. I follow so many that I don’t remember which one! lol

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