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Is it Friday yet?!

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Is it just me, or is this week all over the place? I can’t remember the date let alone the day and that’s not a good thing.

At least I remembered to watch SURVIVOR (!!!) last night…missing that would have been disastrous!!! (no, really, I’m not being dramatic…I LOVE that show and to miss it….I couldn’t even imagine!) 🙂

We have been running errands and going to playschool this week…

And I think I may have finally mastered the art of ferrying 2 kids around and actually accomplishing something! It only has taken me 17 months….not to shabby! And to think, when my boy was first born, the thought of how to get two kids out of the car stressed me out….I should have warned that naive little thing about trying to take both of them to a restaurant by herself….sigh….


What else has been going on….hmmm.

We had two gorgeous visitors last evening….a bald eagle and his girlfriend were in our trees….

I think he was here last spring, but she is new….it’s nice to see him again, although they never stick around…I never see him or her during the summer, just spring. I wonder where they call home….I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Calving is well underway….so far all good. Haven’t had to pull any babies (yay heifer bull!!!)…and Troy has only been chased by two mean mommies….I hate when that happens, but it’s rare (we try to weed those silly things out!) and I think he likes the adrenaline rush!

What’s happening in your world? I work all weekend, so nothing fun planned here, but you?! Hopefully a spring road trip or event….so I can live vicariously through you!

Love you all!


6 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?!

  1. Yes sometimes a week can seem so long! Its nice to have Survivor to look forward to! My husband and I are planning a little road trip to visit family…don’t laugh now…its to Alberta!!! We are just waiting for some of the snow to melt!! Wish it would hurry up!

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