Bardwood inspiration…

 Inspired by my darling’s DIY bookcases…here are a few barnwood decor ideas! I love the look…I might have to incorporate somemore in my house!

*image from Bonnie Saing at pintrest*

lowcountry river house traditional hall

*image from Shabby Nest*

*image from Bliss*

*image from flickr*

*image unknown*

*image from from london with love*



2 responses to “Bardwood inspiration…”

  1. I LOVE the second image! And, while I enjoyed the kitchen with the purple rug, I was shocked to see my name underneath! I can’t ever remember posting that. Your link points to In A Miniskirt, which I had never visited before, but also love! (Just wanted to alert you in case it was a typo.)

    1. Hmmm…interesting! Opps! Well, if anyone knows where it is from, let me know!!!!

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