Look of the week…

Model with knit sweater

Look of the week

Since getting my (I LOVE!!!) Frye boots…I have lived in them!!! So here is a look for this week that is pretty close to what I have been wearing everyday…


10 responses to “Look of the week…”

  1. I love, love, love that sweater! And the boots are pretty sweet too, not sure I could pull them off though!

    1. Of course you could….just find stuff that is “you”….

  2. This is my kind of look…not right now cuz I’m in mat clothes but yeah…someday soon…hahhah

    1. You could still rock some version of this!!! (Congratulations by the way!!!)

  3. Middle sweater with belt + second left boots = love for me!

  4. LOVE it! As always. Are those the Fryes you got?

    1. No…I went with the Veronica Slouch for my first pair….they are so comfortable and so worth the price tag!!! I see more in my future!

  5. Glad to hear that you got your boots! This is a great look! I still have my fisherman knit sweater that my sister brought back from England in the 70’s…and it’s still going strong!

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