Giveaway Winners!!!!

Ok, I FINALLY got organized and here are the lucky winners!!!

(picked via….but I am not talented enough to figure out how to post the images, sorry!)

#51- Stephanie….winner of the red journal!!

#26- Tiffany…winner of the Cardigan and gold cross!!

#43-Cheyenne…winner of the boot socks and OPI nail polish!!


#8-Rebecca…winner of the (fabulous!) book!!!

Congrats to all you girlies! Please email me your addresses and I’ll pop it all in the mail this week!

And thanks to all you darlings for all the entries!!!! There were over 70 and I loved every comment! You guys rock!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Valentine’s Day…I know I am!



3 responses to “Giveaway Winners!!!!”

  1. […] *giveaway now closed…check out the winners here!!* […]

  2. Is the Cheyenne you mention, moi?! If so…hooray!

    Secondly, I clicked from your page to Hudson’s room inspiration on the Lay Baby Lay site and think another fun idea would be those antique, campy coleman lanterns in red. I have one, I want to do our back entrance in this same sort of motif…I bought it in the States-but they are everywhere!

    1. Yes it’s you!!! And that’s a great idea!

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