Out moving snow….

My darling husband was out clearing the snow in our yard (usually an all day job!) and took our baby boy big boy out with him. The girlie and I shoveled snow from our front steps and sidewalks…

I was frozen after about 15 minutes so we went in, but the boys kept moving snow. Apparently my big boy didn’t complain once…and after about an hour and 1/2…..

I remember sleeping in tractors, grain trucks and combines…not a bad way to nap if I remember right!

Love you all!

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5 responses to “Out moving snow….”

  1. my kids do this too!! the tractor is better than any rocking chair!!

  2. Thanks ladies….he is my little cutie-pie!

  3. Just where is the facebook like button ?

  4. Awww too cute!

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