Shoes + Purse = Love

I found a great idea in my People Magazine…great shoe and purse pairings. They featured flats, but that’s not really that practical out here where I am battling the slush, drifts and ice patches! (And I’m sure the rest of you are doing the same!) So here are some pairings that I threw together and I hope you enjoy!!
shoe + purse = love
Shoe + Purse = Love III


Shoe+Purse=Love II


Hope all you darlings are having a fabulous friday and I’ll be posting over the weekend, so check in and say HI!!!
The Farmer’s Trophy Wife


4 responses to “Shoes + Purse = Love”

  1. Oh, can I have the feather shoes in the top set????? They aren’t so practical for the rain here, but they are so pretty I’d just sit around my house in them!

  2. I am dying to get my hands on one of those Tommy hide purses in your first set. But it says they are no longer available! Talk about a complete bummer! Super cute pairings! 🙂

    1. Darn it! That was mean of me to post something sold out!! Check this seller on ebay…I’ve bought several purses from him in the past and they were great quality! (sorry long link!) or check out Grant’s Leather…I have a few of their purses too (I may have an addiction…..)

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