Closet Cleanout ~ Step 4

We are on our way and on the best part!!!

Later today I’m posting a wardrobe “basics” list so we get to go….SHOPPING!!!

But first we need to pretty up our closets…

1- Those wire hangers HAVE TO GO!!! Nothing hurts my fashionista heart more than seeing gorgeous clothing hanging on those darn wire hangers. Please, please, please….gather them up and take them to the nearest drycleaners…they recyle them and your closet will thank you!!!

2- Replace those ugly hangers with something pretty and functional. Wood or fabric covered hangers are suggested as best. I love my IKEA wood hangers…super cheap and look fabulous. What more could a Farmer’s Trophy Wife ask for?!

BUMERANG Curved clothes hanger natural Width: 16 7/8 " Thickness: 9/16 " Package quantity: 8 pack  Width: 43 cm Thickness: 14 mm Package quantity: 8 pack

*image from IKEA*

3- Make your closet pretty…this is one step that I might have to put off for a while, being that I have a bathroom project to finish first. But if you have the time and energy right now…go for it! The closet is one area that I think most husbands would be willing to hand over to our girlie ways and let us run wild with it. I personally want something like this to paper the inside with…

*image from Anthropologie*

And then use something like this for the shelves….maybe spraypainted gold?!

STOLMEN 3 sections white Width: 120 1/8 " Depth: 19 5/8 " Min. height: 82 5/8 " Max. height: 129 7/8 "  Width: 305 cm Depth: 50 cm Min. height: 210 cm Max. height: 330 cm

*image from IKEA*

Add a few of these and I will be a happy girl!!

KASSETT Box with lid for paper black Width: 11 " Depth: 13 ¾ " Height: 7 " Package quantity: 2 pack  Width: 28 cm Depth: 35 cm Height: 18 cm Package quantity: 2 pack

*image from IKEA*

Just about every fashion/style book I read (I’ll post a list of my favorites later!) suggest/insist that sweaters are to be folded not hung. This helps them keep their shape longer and make all that “laying flat to dry” work worth while! Shoes and boots should also be kept either in the boxes they came in or something gorgeous like above…taking pictures of what is inside and posting on the outside is suggested too!

I could go on and on about how to organize your closet…but you just need to find what works for you. Color coded, summer vs. winter items together, putting outfits together and hang together…and so on. I’m all about grouping similar items…all my tees together, jackets together…etc. Works for me!



2 responses to “Closet Cleanout ~ Step 4”

  1. Hooray I did this step when we moved in! Ikea was very handy for baskets etc for sweaters and folded things that we no longer have to look at. Their cube baskets come in a few different sizes so we found some that fit right into our cubby shelving that runs down the center of our closet Thought I would also let you know that Cosco has black velvet hangers (about 50 in a box) for around $20. They’re great because clothes don’t slide off and they are thin so you can fit more clothes in :). OK I’m getting ready to go shopping!!!!

    1. Oh velvet!! Sounds pretty!! Have fun shopping!!

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