Closet Cleanout ~ Step 3

*image from here*

Alrighty then….

I am on to step three….are ya with me?! And how it is going by the way?! I’m most excited for step 5….the shopping!! But we’ll get there in all due time!!

1- Now that you are pared down to what fits and what you love…what do you have?!

2- I want you to physically write down how many pairs of socks, underwear, bras, jeans, pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters, dresses and coats you have. And anything extra…belts, scarves, etc.

3- Make sure you write down colors and descriptions too…

                    – white tee, short sleeve, v neck

                    – bootcut, dark wash jeans (2 pair)

                    – navy blue, long sleeve, v neck sweater

4- Of course…organize the lists under catagories…pants, shirts, etc. Makes things easier for the shopping part!!

5- Once you know what you have, we can move on to finding out what it is that you don’t have to build an ultimate basics wardrobe. Because from here, we are going to turn your closet into something that is actually fun to dive into and get dressed in the mornings!!!

Love ya all….hope you are having fun!


9 responses to “Closet Cleanout ~ Step 3”

  1. Love it! As for Crystal’s comment, I would definitely forfeit the diamond for that closet!!

  2. Step 3! How did we get to Step 3 already???? AHHHHHH. Time to get busy/busier!

    1. Ha ha ha…I’ve been posting 2 steps a day…brace yourself for wednesday then!

      1. I caught up! I caught up! Should mention I cheated on the writing it down. Took pictures of my closet with my iphone :). Will take that shopping with me. Please tell me we shop tomorrow!

      2. You are funny!! I think you will be happy tomorrow!

  3. Brilliant, Cathryn! I did the discard steps in November after my trip, but didn’t make it any further than that. I’m joining in at step 3!

  4. What a beautiful closet. I watched Sex in the City I last night. Oh how I love that closet as well.

    1. Isn’t it!?! I NEED a huge closet someday…I think I might even knock out a wall between our room and one of the kid’s rooms and build it….

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